Serious Sam Series Bosses - Part 2 of 6

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This is the second of six parts showing the bosses from the PC and Console versions of various Serious Sam games. These videos show the bosses from:

Serious Sam: The First Encounter
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
Serious Sam: Next Encounter
Serious Sam II

The SS:FE and SS:SE bosses were recorded from the Xbox version of Serious Sam. The bosses between the original PC versions and the Xbox version are the same save for the Reptiloid Highlander, which has different fireballs in SS:FE from SS XBox and SS: SE. The Reptiloid Highlander's Bride is not included because it seems to be a multiplayer only enemy :\

The second part covers the following bosses:

Ugh-Zan III The Viscious Warlock (SS:FE) (Continued)
Kuklukan the Wind God (SS:SE)
Super Secret Mighty Gizmo (SS:SE)
Exotech Larva (SS:SE)

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