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I know you so well, so well
I mean I can do anything that she can
I've been pretty patient, I've been pretty baby ohhh
Well I've been patient ohhhh
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преди 11 седмици

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perfect who...:(

преди 11 седмици

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i cant im too fucking broken i cant anymore i wanna die...this is for you stupid ass hole:( i hate you 36!!!Вижте повече

преди 11 седмици

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преди 21 седмици

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you unblock ex
ex:bitch why broke up with me!
me:wtf bro this is before 2weeks i have new bf
ex;and you dont love me..
me:yes i dont love you!i hate u
ex;i hate you too
me;phahaha why you text me bro
ex:idgf bitch
me:idgf too:)
ex;uhh stiop text me1
me;wtf you text me first
ex;you unblock me(h)
me:i have new bae1
ex;eww whats his name then
ex;fucking name
me: i dont have words to tell you how stupid are you...
ex:thanks then lets martin fuck you youll never have boy like me
me;hahaha jesus help i dont want bf like youu broo byeee:*
ex;nooooo i loveeeeeee youuuu stoppp come hereeeeee:(:(:(
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преди 23 седмици

chokers публикува бележка

text with ex...

ex;,,what do you think about our love!''
EX:WHY you broke with me wtf im the most popular boy i our school bitch!
me:wow thanks idiot before 2hour you think im the most cute girl in the worl and i broke up with you and you told me bitch thanks and i know whats type of guy are you!
ex:tell me bitch tell me!
me:broo go hell i have new boyfriend who love me real!
ex;no you dont have you are bitch ugly and.
me;hahah tell me everythink i dont care
ex:ok sis
me:im nobody for you i block u!
ex:NOO ILY:(
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преди 24 седмици

chokers публикува бележка

im not sad;)

boy i know you want another girl ok i swear i wanna say fuck you!:)die with your girlfriend:)i found new friend aleksandra you are future:)go hell i dont miss you:)i know you are bad person you will broke with her first 2mouth and you will want il be your girlfriend but i will say you:baby its to late you are future go in your house with your bitch you need this:)bye baby:*:):)Вижте повече

преди 26 седмици

chokers публикува бележка

he is...

he is my dreams..he is my life..he is my heart..he is to another girl...i dont have him...i dont have dreams heart love and life...i dont have anythink i have sad every moment of my life...this is not life..i know you will never notice me and i never tell you how i love you you will laught at me...and i will die.One day i will be broken.. all of my feeling will be broken and i will kill myself one day...Вижте повече

преди 27 седмици

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преди 30 седмици

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