Няма Невъзможни Неща!

BGTop Евдемония - каскадьорска група на забавен кадър Един човек - 14 гласа!
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Компилация от невероятни хора, които правят невероятни неща

Music: Mecha Love - Hadouken


Remember, in days gone past
I spied you through a wall of glass
And there you were
Kicking my heart back and forth
But now you're not so tall

You wanted the world
You wanted it all

So here it is
The planets cry
We'll rip the stellar sky
Make way when worlds collide
I know a heart of steel
Won't reconcile your mecha love
You hold your guns so tall
You think you've got it all

You won't break my armour
I will never surrender
Take the world

So this is the last stand
So this is your last chance
So this is your last

As I ready for war
My exo-skeleton
I'm not a passenger
I am the carrier
I know this vessel will withstand
All of your mecha love
I got you figured out
I got you figured out

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