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BGTop Suckers Чантата Който Се Смее Последен, Се Смее Най-Добре
Добави в колекция (18)

travelers with short legs

Direction and 2d+3d Animation : Leo Campasso
3d Character Modelator : Bruno Olguin
Designs, Backgrounds and all art : Leo Campasso
Sound Edit : Leo Campasso
Music Credits : Lundsfryd - trashkeeper , Mathcore - Bygo

It tells the story of a traveller who, moving away from a troubled relationship, decides to go on a journey in search of new stories and change. But he could never imagine what would happen: finding a new friend, a smell pet with which to continue his journey and his life.
Halfway through their journey, they cross paths with Deceit shaped into a monster, who tries to wrap over the traveller again.
As it happens with every adventure, it ends with a happy ending.

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