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Имало едно време в една далечна страна един султан, който управлявал толкова мъдро, че хората нямали никакви грижи. Годините минавали, но султанът забелзал, че хората ставали мързеливи и егоистични. Тогава се появило едно момче, което променило историята ... Вижте как :)

In a faraway land, a king governed his realm so well that his people were in want of nothing. As the years passed, the king noticed his people had become lazy and selfish, so he devised a simple test to show them the value of others. As a young boy unknowingly faces the challenge, the future of the kingdom is built on the strength of his character.

In the fall of 2007, Southern Adventist University’s animation students set out to create a three-minute short film based on a simple parable. This artistic venture, intended to be completed during one year, turned into a five-year journey. The result is the twelve-minute animated short, "Rock in the Road."

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