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최강의 콤비 }-. Hello, Yorleni's here. Well, i'm glad we finally finished this project, i'm the ninja-co-owner until now, this is the first time i'm hosting a MEP in SSP as well, and i'm really happy with the result, the idea was created in the main Chat, we always end up talking about bishounens, so i decided to do a bishounen MEP, everyone voted for the songs i suggested, i used the winner song (Deja vu by SS501) as the connector of a SS501 Deja vu Single Megamix, you're not allowed to download this or use this mix as yours without permission. I had some problems with this big project, but in the end, with everyone's help, we finally did it! ConGratulation guys! and Thankyou very much for your hard work and effort on this.

Song used: SS501 - Deja Vu Single Album Megamix
DJ/creator of the megamix, special transitions and coordinatoor general: YorleniProductions
Special Thanks and main beta tester: SapphireStar26/Owner of the group.
P.S: Don't use this megamix for any vid, it's for SSP use only.
Download the MEP: soon.
Download the translation of lyrics: soon.

// Track 1 -
Editor: SapphireStar26
Animanga: D.Gray-Man, Soul Eater, Skip Beat, Full Metal Panic!, Pandora Hearts, Tsubasa Chronicles.

// Track 2 -
Editor: xMayuAmakurax
Animanga: Code Geass, Clannad, Vampire Knight, D.Gray-Man, Kuroshitsuji, 07 Ghost

// Track 3 -
Editor: 0SimplyAngel0
Animanga: Ouran High School Host Club, Samurai Champloo, Vampire Knight, Suzumyia Haruhi no Yuutsu.

// Track 4 -
Editor: Ceres95
Animanga: Kuroshitsuji, D.Gray-Man, Loveless, Nabari No Ou, Soul Eater

// Track 5 -
Editor: LaChivix
Animanga: Lovely Complex, Junjou Romantica, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chrono Crusade, Bleach, Death Note, D.N. Angel

// Track 6 -
Editor: YorleniProductions
Animanga: Vampire Knight, xxxHOLIC, Darker than Black, Tsubasa Chronicles Tokyo Revevlations, Death Note, Shaman King.

// Track 7 -
Editor: MJsistersX3
Animanga: Wolf's Rain, Code Geass, Merupuri, Dengeky Daisy

// Track 8 -
Editor: aoisenshi9
Animanga: The One, Zombie Loan, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Code:Breaker, Barajou no Kiss

// Track 9 -
Editor: Brittanysama
Animanga: Clannad, Howl's Moving Castle, Macross Frontier, ToraDora!, Pandora Hearts

// Track 10 -
Editor: Whispersreloaded
Animanga: Hellsing, Tears to Tiara, Munto, Blood+

// Track 11 -
Editors: SapphireStar26 and YorleniProductions
Animanga: Pandora Hearts, Ghost Hunt, Fruits Basket, Macross Frontier, Kurokami, To Aru Majutsu no Index // InuYasha, Kaleido Star, Tsubasa Chronicles, Naruto.

// Outro -
Editor: YorleniProductions

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