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BGTop Колко луд трябва да си , за да направиш такова нещо Изумително момче прави каквото си пожелае с визитки !
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Некомими е нова технология, която улавя вълните на мозъка. Ушите на видеото се движат според емоциите, които изпитва момичето!

People think that our bodies have limitations,
but just imagine if we had organs that don’t exist,
and could control that new body?

We created new human organs that use a brainwave sensor.

Necomimi is the new communication tool
that augments the human bodies and abilities.

This cat’s ear shaped machine utilizes brainwaves
and expresses your emotional state before you start talking

Just put on Necomimi and if you are concentrating,
this cat’s ear shaped machine will rise.
When you are relaxed, your new ears lie down.

If you are concentrating and relaxing at the same time,
your new ears will rise and actively move.
In general, professional sports players demonstrate this ability the most.

What will happen when people show their feelings
even when they don’t express them?
Interesting? Ashamed? Scared?

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