Wizards Of Waverly Place - Wizards vs. Werewolves - Part 1 (HQ).flv

BGTop - Мисли под душа
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in this episode Alex falls inlove with mason who turns out to be more than what she expected: he is a werewolf. Mason gives alex a true love necklas and it glows whenever the person wearing it truely loves the other person.meanwile justin and max are looking for juliette and mason scents that she is in transelvania working for the mummy. from that moment everythinggoes wrong..... alex and justin find out that mason and juliette used to date over 300 years ago but apparently mason still has the hots for juliette and alex gets mad. eventually alex gives in and goes with mason to find the true love necklas to see if mason still loves alex. and he does but its too late juliette bit him and he scratched juliette which means mason becomes a full wolf forrever and juliette looses her vampire power and justin finds out her real age. so everything ends up going back to the way it started 3 wizards in one family........

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