GOM - ESMA 2011

BGTop Лъвът - Любовна история Leon - Love Story Бернард автостоп
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В цирка, Гом, момчето каучук трябва да замести някои от участниците в шоуто

In a circus, Gom, a rubber-boy, has to replace inappropriately the artist's assistant during the show.

Directed by:
Anthony Delliste (storyboard, modeling, rigging, MEL scripting, camera mapping, animation, editing)
Tristan Evin (character & set design, texturing, matte painting)
Maxime Guillemin (character & set design, storyboard, layout2D, color script, modeling, lighting, mattepainting, shading, rendering, compositing)
Florent Razafimandimby (character modeling, layout 3D, blendshapes & facial rigging, animation, stereoscopy, compositing)
Alexis Vallauri (modeling, layout 3D, animation, blendshapes, fluids effects, compositing)


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