The Looney Tunes Show - Chicken Hawk (Lyrics) (Merrie Melodies)

BGTop - Мисли под душа
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All credit for video goes to bash7445
His video is found at:
Here's the lyrics:

SV -- Strange Voice (Dog)
CH -- Chicken Hawk
C -- Chicken

SV: Chicken hawk, getting hungry! Chicken hawk, getting hungry!
CH: I want some chicken, to eat, it is my favorite meat! I like it crispy, or glazed, it puts me in a daze! I like it fried up, or baked, on my birthday I eat chicken cake!
SV: Chicken hawk's not a chicken; he's just a hawk that eats chicken.
C: Now just one second, alright, I've got something for your appetite, there's so many things that you could eat, there's a Chinese restaurant down the street, or how about a fish taco son? This bakery's got good honey buns!
CH: (slowly, echoing) So juicy, so tasty, hey chicken get in my mouth!
C: (slowly, echoing) How about, a hotdog, with mustard and sauerkraut?
CH: NO! I want some chicken, no lie, you are my chicken potpie!
C: Instead of chicken, try pork, just please put down that fork! Try my grandma's baked beans; they've got ten grams of protein! They're gooey, sweet, and piping hot, you'll want to eat the whole dang pot!
SV: Chicken hawk gonna eat the beans, chicken hawk is enjoying them beans!
C: I knew you'd come around, son.
CH: You know what would go good with these beans? Chicken.
C: Uh-oh
CH: Get over here, chicken!
SV: Chicken does go good with beans; beans and chicken, what a heavenly combo!

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