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The screen-capture video tool Camtasia Studio has long balanced a strong set of features with a friendly interface and graceful learning curve. Version 8 continues the tradition with cool, new features that don't bog down the app with any additional complexity. Camtasia's price--$300--may raise eyebrows, but make no mistake: this screencasting software is serious business. New and advanced users both should be able to learn the software and start producing professionally looking videos in little time.

Robust in-app tutorials introduce Camtasia to users, but experienced editors can wave them aside and dive in. The main interface is arranged logically, with the top-right corner reserved for the vast array of editing and production options: view your clips, manage your video library, or configure settings for zooming, panning, audio, and video transitions, or browse a myriad of including templates, music, and outros offered free by Digital Juice.

Recent versions of Camtasia added features for recording system audio, automatically resizing windows, and a "Smart Focus" option that highlights key video frames and captions. Version 8 adds in smoother, 30fps captures, interactive "Hotspots" on videos, unlimited tracks for multitrack editing, a new TSC2 codec, and "Quizzing," a feature that lets users provide instant feedback on your screecast videos.

Camtasia allows exporting for nearly any sort of device or system: Web, phones, tablets, DVDs, and other mobile devices are all covered. The remarkably useful online help center is icing on the video-editing cake.

Click here to read Jason's Parker full review of Camtasia Studio 8.

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