Great Villains Vol. 5

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Oops! Sorry for my over-excitedness (not sure if it's a word). I'm just so happy that Halloween is in the next few weeks! YAY! I love Halloween! One of my favorite times of the year. And what better way to start off Halloween than with a villain tribute. That's right, this is Great Villains Volume 5!! This one took a while to put together, so I hope that you all enjoy it.
NOTE: The End of All Worlds animated series has been cancelled for personal reasons. In its place, however, I plan to be making several TEOAW holiday specials. The first one should be out by the end of this month, if I can get enough time on weekends, and hopefully whenever I can finish stacks of homework that seem to be endless.
Anyways, enjoy Great Villains Vol. 5!
EXTRA NOTE (NOT AN IMPORTANT ONE): For Halloween, I'll be dressing as Shadow the Hedgehog. :)

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