Playing Field 2

BGTop Heli Blitz Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack
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много яка игра !!!!!!!!

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    darko1012 darko1012

    преди 9 години

    dobre hora eto ne6to interesno , v dolniq lqv agal ima mqsto za pisane i otsrani pi6e hack, eto kakvo
    The following hacks have been developed: 'simple' is a more simplistic background , 'rumble' is an interesting squarish background , 'quicksand' slows all enemies down , 'speedo' speeds all enemies up , 'normalfy' returns the enemy speeds to normal , 'moogle' is a special background from Mooglefighter , 'glitch' is a random background combination , 'smiley' adds another enemy (smiley face on a converted segway) to the mix , 'beach' adds another enemy - beach ball , 'consume' envelopes all enemies in flamey wrath , and 'crazymonkey' unlocks all attacks, enemies, and locations, and brings you to 50,000 points! That appears to be all of the hacks currently available in this game. Congratulations on making it this far - don't forget to submit your score!


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