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The SunSet Cacao Dance @ Eagle's Nest Atitlán is an ecstatic dance inspired community event guided by Mose on the shores of the majestic Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

Eagles Nest Atitlán
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This is a live set filmed in December, 2019. The journey starts just before sunset with a simple cacao ceremony to set intentions and drop deeper into presence and inner silence. Cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) helps to open the heart and provides energy in the form of theobromine, literally meaning "food of the Gods". In honor of worldwide Ecstatic Dance guidelines, the group is led into a space of silence through the rest of the event with the intention to deepen the experience and allow each individual to connect more deeply inside while honing the ability to connect with others through eye contact and movement. The participants are asked to refrain from consuming any other substances and no alcohol is served with the intention to tap into deep states of consciousness without the need of hard drugs and the inebriation of alcohol.

The music starts slowly to invite people into their bodies as they feel inspired, while allowing others to stay seated in meditation or contemplation. The music slowly builds through the experience and peaks with full ecstatic movement. The wave then washes over with a slower more spacious energy to drop deeper into spaciousness and introspection until finally ending lying on the ground with soft ambient music to hold the space for integration and grounding.

There are many of us now all around the world who can attest to the depth of experience available to us on a dance floor surrounded by beautiful, free spirited, open hearted people. Combine that with the magic of cacao and breathtaking scenery and you have a recipe for magic.

*The normal guidelines include the prohibition of cameras and cell phones in the dance space to nurture a space of freedom and to let go of our need to document and share all of our experiences. For this particular event we made an exception in hopes to give a glimpse into this expansive world.

About the Space:
Set near the shores of renowned Lake Atitlán (Guatemala), Eagle’s Nest is a distinguished intentional hosting space for events, retreats, residencies, community hosting, workshops & summits. With a focus on movement arts (yoga, aerials, acrobatics, circus, dance) to foster well-being, guests are invited to explore, experiment and soar beyond! Groups of up to 24 can be hosted on-site for retreats, whilst up to 200 participants for events.

*You can help support our local community of indigenous mayan people during these tough times. Events like this one and tourism in general is at a stand-still and is having a big impact on the local economy here. Check out this gofundme created by a dear brother of our community to help those most in need:*

What is a "Live Set"?
This set was performed live. I have a collection of loops he has produced/recorded/gathered through my various collaborations which I mix live along with instrumentation and vocals from my friends who joined me for this event. The loops are all from completed tracks but due to the live nature of the set, the tracks manifest in a totally new and unique way according to the energy of the moment and the weaving of the collaborators. It allows for a degree of improvisation and feedback just not possible with a regular DJ set.

Track List
The Hanuman Project - Semilla Pura (Mose Remix)
Sam Garrett & Mose - Om Ganesha
Lunar Symphony & Mose - Déjame Caer
Curawaka - Te Nande (Mose Remix)
The Hanuman Project - Radhe 54 (Mose Remix)
Matia Kalli & Mose - Cura Corazón
The Hanuman Project & Mose - Vem Mae Natureza
Poranguí - Tonantzin (Mose Remix)
Raio - Cuñac (Mose Remix)
Sam Garrett & Mose - Higher (Heartbeat Mix)


Matia Kalli (The Hanuman Project)
Pavan (The Haunuman Project)

Karavan Sarai (oud, saz, vocals)
Kulam Project (percussion, vocal effects)
Yemanjo (trumpet)

Plaga Studios

Anti Logic Mastering

Momentom Collective


Anna Merel

And of course thanks to my incredibly supportive familia of friends in San Marcos, all of the travelers who come through here from all around the world, and all of the local Mayan residents for welcoming us onto this land.
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