Kpop Mix Of Madness MEP

BGTop - Rihanna - Towards The Sun
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Finally, the long wait for this mep(well i was waiting for this anyway lol) finally here=D i so happy it turn out well=D n thnx u all who participate in this, especially who is not in CCP like Meil(Crepefizz), and Kathy(sennarox), n also thnx for Lori(aoisenshi9) for made 2 part=D
ok i don't have to give u who part it who since duh, it on the vid lol=D n i wont list the anime list, i'm too lazy sorry guy.(i will put it in the tag, well most of them i remember anyway lol)

And the song credit go to this awesome guyxD

-Crystal Chronicle Productions-

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