The Looney Tunes Show - I'm a Martian (Lyrics) (HD)[dsb]

BGTop - Мисли под душа
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Every time you see me, you earthlings turn and run, I don't know what your problem is, I'm really super fun. I'm a martian, not a great white shark, I'm a martian, I play frisbee in the park. Come over to my party, it's not that long a trip, you'll be glad you made the journey for my seven layer dip, I like sharing cheese pizza, you see I'm not so bad, do you like litte puppies? I make them in my lab. I'm a martian, I hold for you no illwill, I'm a martian, does someone need a chillpill? My names Marvin, I'm a martian, la-la-la-la-le-la-la-le-le-lu. Let's share a lemon soda, and talk about our feeling, just don't insult my helmet, cause then I'll hit the ceiling! I've got a laser, and it's pointed at your planet, yes my laser, so don't take me for granted! I'm a martian, boom-shaka-lacka, I'm a Martian, shaka-lacka (explosion) boom.

Also, because of someones comment, I decided to put the lyrics as a sing-along as well.

The sing-along is done, it can be found here:

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