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BGTop - Наруто Битка За Селото Скрито в Листата
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First of all, THANK YOU. I've just reached 20,000 subscribers. I don't really know what to say, I hope this video will be better "thanks" than my cheesiness. Okay then...

So this video is the point of view of people caring about Naru. This whole story is based on him, he is the bad-ass now, but he was partly "created" by people loving him and caring about him. He sure deserves that. This video has another meaning though (apart from the story). It's a reminder to everyone not to give up. I am not sure about you, people, but I am really shocked by the increasing number of people (especially in our age) committing a suicide or thinking about it, self-harming... I wish it changed. There are more people than you think who deeply care about you and love you and would totally miss you.
Exactly this thought is indeed connected to our main character. He never gives up (despite people hating him, despite the fact he had no parents and didn't know why he was all alone) and although he now relies on people who gave him the hope and the spirit, the core of his development is the spirit of never losing the belief that things will work out eventually. This is what I have always liked about this show - it gives HOPE to people. It doesn't really matter which episodes you randomly pick, you are always touched and filled with some positive emotions. I hope I managed to picture those with my video and maybe make some people reconsider their negative thoughts about themselves. Don't give up, guys! You are all awesome individuals capable of great accomplishments. Keep on living, please!

Special thanks to: the person who recommended this band to me (I am sorry, couldn't find your name in my comment box now, but you know who you are so thanks again, buddy!) & 6Marin9 for betta testing! :)

(BTW, I am truly sorry about the quality of the audio. I had to pitch it. It was either that or the video being blocked in about 5 countries. This seemed like a better option.) Enjoy, have a nice day and thank you guys again. I am in awe, really.

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