Serious Sam 2 - "InSamnity! 2" Mod [High Quality]

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.Author of the Mod: Nathan 'DwK/Dk' Brown

.Notes on the Mod:

- Ability to dual wield weapons.
- Ability to adjust weapons speeds and damages in the game options.
- Ability to turn off player self damage, and an option to adjust how much damage is done to the player.
- New player options like, Prefers 3rd Person view, new crosshair selection, color and size.
- Respawning in Place.
- Respawn invulnerablity option.
- Infinite Lives.
- Ability to give all weapons each level.
- Voting now works to advance levels.
- Rocket Jumping can be enabled and works even when the player can't damage themselves.
- Ability to disable the serious bomb, if not the ammo is limited. Also no more white flashes.
- 70 new multiplayer characters created from NPC's and Enemies in the game, and the 2 other XBox skins for Serious Sammy, and introducing the Mia XBox model.
- An Overall Enemy Multiplier and an Enemy Per Player Mulitiplier.
- Insane spawning speeds.
- Random enemies options.
- Enemy and player radar.
- And more...

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