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    Me against the world, 19 г.

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No matter what (hehe)

In this game the lesson's in your eyes to see
Though things change, the future's still inside of me
We must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark
So you will always be in my heart, with unconditional love
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преди 5 седмици

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Got me stuck in the game

Me against the world

преди 20 седмици

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Better dayz

Now me and you was real cool, hell on them square fools
Since back in high school, we was true, me and youВижте повече

преди 28 седмици

smafi публикува бележка

Can U Get Away

I tell you to leave him, and you tell me keep my faith in God
I don't understand, I just wanna bring ya home
I wonder should I leave you alone and find a woman of my own
All the homies tell me that you don't deserve it....
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преди 47 седмици

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I love you 1.50(h)

преди 1 година

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